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Tue, Aug 2, 2022 3:40 AM

Why can't anyone at AT&T provide any type of answers beyond no show appointments and then giving you Dec 31, 2036 installation appointment

I had fiber in an apartment and then bought a new construction house in a neighborhood that is being finished out after 3 years. The neighborhood is already wired for fiber, and every house has the green cylinder labeled with AT&T, including my own, in the corner of the front yard. Fiber internet is the norm, and I'm not sure cable is even available because there isn't one coax outlet in my entire house. 2 weeks before we closed, I set up the transfer of service, and was expecting installation the day we moved in. The day before install, I got a phone call from a live person telling me that there were "engineering issues", and they could not give any anticipated date for resolution. Literally, all of our neighbors around us moved in and had no issues getting installation, except for sometimes waiting 2 to 3 weeks to secure an appointment, but no one else has been told "engineering issues". I called the customer care number, and was told, oh no, our address was cleared for install and 3 times in a row, they scheduled the install the next day and each time the tech didn't show and when I looked on my account, the install date changed and told me my tech was coming in 5,037 days. I tried every way on earth to get answers. My account got escalated, meaning absolutely nothing. I finally filled out that form on the Investor Relations website, and to their credit, someone did reach out, only to tell me this was unacceptable and I should have some answers. After explaining all that I wanted was a ballpark date, 1 or 3 or even 8 months out, I just felt like it was fair for them to be transparent. If for some reason, my house was a weird island of no possible service in the sea of everyone else having service, I think they should tell me. I'm middle-aged, and I don't think 14 years away is a realistic install date! Anyway, does anyone have suggestions? Every time someone promises a call back, it's crickets. I've even sent an email to Adam Schieber, who I believe is the VP of Access Construction and Engineering. He's been promoted up in the 24 years he's been with AT&T, so I thought maybe he would at least wonder who the crazy lady sending him an email was and try and hook me up to someone there who could tell me yes, no, or maybe I could expect installation when (Edited per community guidelines) returns to earth.


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Their system is known to default to a ridiculously far-off date when there are no upcoming ones to schedule. If there truly is an engineering issue, then you may not be able to get a scheduled date until that is resolved. And that is however long it takes to resolve whatever the issue is in the first place.

If you've already gone through the investor relations route, then you've prety much exhausted all the options. Don't know if it would be redundant to that, but you could file a BBB complaint as notifies the corporate level.

Other than that, you could check in once a week or 2 to see if you are good to schedule. Sorry, there isn't a better answer for this situation.

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