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Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 12:29 AM

when will ATT finish the fiber installation on our road in Lula,Ga

it has been a little over a year since fiber has been ran on our side of the street and now its being ran on the other side contacted att and they say it isn't available hmm,then why after asking the contractors installing the cable what it was and i was told it was fiber and try contacting ATT and get a run around on it again what is up with that??

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3 years ago

Here’s what AT&T says to “When will I get Internet / Fiber in my area?”:


AT&T doesn't publicize expansions with the public, or with it's local field employees. If you see contractors pulling fiber on poles or underground, it could indicate that fiber is coming. If so, you'll receive notices by US Mail shortly before service goes live. However, it's often just being run through a neighborhood on it's way to somewhere else. You should know that AT&T isn't concentrating on fiber expansion in existing neighborhoods any more. Most new fiber is dedicated to 5G towers, government & emergency services and new housing developments.

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3 years ago

Did the contractors install fiber terminals?


Fiber could be for a different location including cell tower, business, government, etc. Residential fiber requires terminal to connect the fiber to the addresses. 

Additionally could be done in stages with different contractors doing a specific function. From one ATT officer statement from planning to order activation is a 2 year process.... if the fiber is for your street, it has not been turned green for ordering. Until it is available for ordering, none will be able to tell you If or WHEN the service will be available. 

The support group you may talk or chat to uses the same database you can check your address yourself.

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