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Friday, January 24th, 2020 2:59 PM

U-Verse Fiber Install No-Show

So far, going on two no-show appointments in a row. I've missed work both days to accomodate a "busy technician schedule" but have been stood up both times. Now I'm chatting with a "supervisor" by the name of Eldrich, and they claim that my service keeps getting changed due to an "issue at the location" when I ask what the issue is, they reply "it is an issue with the wirings on your location". Agent tells me to "rest assured that the best they can do is now 1/28/2020 to make sure everything will work fine". I would understand if a technician had been to my property and there were an issue with the wiring, but, no technician has ever been to this property, nor was I notified of any "wiring issue" upon signing up for service. Point is, we, as customers, pay far too much for the service to be treated this terribly. Shame on you, AT&T, shame on you.

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4 years ago

Jarvey : Hello, my name is Jarvey. I'm happy to help you with pointing you in the right direction to solve your issue with your installation. Can I get your name?

Me : Dean Williams

Jarvey : Thanks Dean, nice to chat with you

Me : Yeah, well, 2 customer service reps and two loyalty reps can’t fix it so far.

Me : So I guess we’ll see

Jarvey : Just to confirm, the service you ordered was just Fiber internet, right?

Me : yes

Jarvey : Perfect

Jarvey : Did you order the service online?

Me : No over the phone. On the 20th

Jarvey : Thanks for the information

Me : original appointment was for yesterday, moved to today, then moved to the 28th all without being notified.

Me : Account is under xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx

Jarvey : I do understand your situation. I will do my best to get it solved as soon as possible.

Jarvey : Allow me a moment while I check on my system

Me : Ive lost two days of work, plus, now our main source of internet is disconnected because we were expected to have ATT yesterday.

Me : My wife and I are both college students, and I own an online business. This is a really bad situation that you all can’t seem to resolve

Jarvey : I apologize for this situation. I know your time is very value and also know how important is the internet service for you. I'm a customer as well.

Jarvey : Can I get your full address and zip code?

Me : xxx Conway St Frankfort KY xxxxx

Jarvey : Thank you.

Jarvey : Dean, I was checking on my system and in this case, based on what you shared, I recommend to connect you with our specialized team. They are able to manage your order and can help you with this situation since they can modify the installation date. Can I get your permission to connect you?

Me : sure

Jarvey : Perfect.

Jarvey : Allow me a moment while I connect you

Jarvey : Dean, I will transfer you now. Thank you for choosing AT&T!

Me : thanks

ROSE : Good day! Thank you for contacting AT&T. My name is Rose your billing expert for today. How can I help you?

Me : I’ve been screwed over on two install appointments now

Me : and you all are about to lose me before service even gets started.

ROSE : Let me read the previous conversation please.

Me : Ok

ROSE : Thank you so much.

ROSE : I read the previous conversation, for security reason can I have the four digit pass code for me to get in on the order please/

Me : xxxx

ROSE : Perfect.

ROSE : I'm checking now Dean the notation on the order.

Me : Ok

ROSE : Thank you.

ROSE : I already review the notes on your account here and it shows here's that our technician tried to get an earlier appointment apparently there was no available appointment as of the moment. I would love to take this into my hands, nevertheless this falls out of the area of my expertise. The best I can do is to connect you with my Supervisor to look and find better options you with this concern.

Me : Can they please call me rather than chat?

ROSE : Dean, my Supervisor is only available through chat. Let me go ahead and connect you over.

Eldrich : Hi this is Eldrich, one of the supervisor.

Me : Hi

Eldrich : I understand you want to have your schedule for today , correct?

Me : my service was scheduled yesterday, changed without notification, set for today, changed without notification.

Eldrich : I understand, my apologies about this.

Me : So, essentially, yes, I want my install done ASAP.

Eldrich : I will check on this for you.

Me : ok

Eldrich : One moment please.

Eldrich : Still checking this for you.

Me : Ok

Eldrich : Thank you.

Eldrich : I am checking here that the schedule of your appointment was set for 1/28, 9-11 am

Me : yeah, I didn’t approve that change. It was yesterday 1/23 9-11am, then they changed it without my permission to today 1/24 9-11am. Either you all want my business or you don’t.

Me : Simple as that. If you want my business, quit changing the appointment. I’m losing work over this. Not only that, but, my other ISP is now disconnected because I had faith that it would get done when I was told. I’m a college student and own an online business. I’m In a really bad spot here.

Eldrich : I understand and my apologies about this. There is a current issue on your location that is why theinstallation keeps n being rescheduled.

Me : And what issue is that?

Eldrich : It is an issue with the wirings on your location

Me : No one has been to the location, so, how would anyone know there’s an issue with the wiring?

Me : That makes absolutely no sense, you understand that, right?

Eldrich : Yes I understand. The best we can do is on Jan 28 to make sure that everything will work fine.

Me : So what’s going to change with this “issue with the wirings of my location” between now and the 28th?

Eldrich : I am not sure of that since I am from billing team.

Me : Because I just caught you in a lie. There’s no issue with the wiring at my location because no one has even been there.

Me : That’s why you don’t know. You’re caught in a bold faced lie.

Eldrich : That is what I can see on my system

Me : Funny, no one ever told me there’s a problem when I ordered my service or when I called the other 7 times.

Eldrich : My apologies about it.

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