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Fri, Jul 15, 2022 6:28 PM

Utility pole installation?

We have been trying to get fiber installed since April when ATT told us it was available.  When the technicians come to install it they all tell us "we can't install this until there is a pole in your yard" (the line is across the street and they have to bring it over to my side).  I've been told that a pole has been ordered but I can't ever get any updates on the status of the pole.  The only thing I can do is keep setting install appointments that the tech's always push back because there is no pole.  How do we get a pole?  Online chat is USELESS...they just keep quoting whatever random install date I have at the time as the date of my pole installation, it never is.

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Good question without a good answer.

Some possibilities that may exist…

requiring a permit? Would need to be applied for and approved by local government authority.

Cost? I would expect cost to be at least $5000 to have a pole placed, likely requiring upper management to approval the expense for an account that is likely less than $1000 per year. Unless your billed for a private pole(?). 

Who would install the pole? In our area and I suspect most areas this is performed by the local electric / power company not ATT employees.

One option may be to request aerial to burial service requiring boring under the street. If received as a special request expect to be charged for the boring and burial.

Is there a street behind you with fiber terminal(s) where may be able to have fiber buried from the other street to your house, less costly than boring under the street even if twice the distance to bury.

  • Different markets likely have different policies, techs are like privates in the ATT army, their managers are sergeants… your issue is at officer level to resolve or not… company may decide not worth the cost unless your willing to pay.

Just my thoughts

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