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Sat, Jul 8, 2017 9:08 PM

Upload speed Internet 1000

What are the upload speed of the fibre internet 1000 plan


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3 years ago

Lots of variables:



 -the device's capabilities

 -2.4GHz / 5GHz


 -walls and other objects in-between



 -the device's capabilities

    -I mostly see sub par speeds due to

       -not having a 1gbps network card

       -having a 100mbps switch in-between the modem and the computer

       -having an older processor (Intel core 2 duo, for example)


Should get around 950mbps up and down hardwired assuming none of the variables stop it from getting it.


Wireless will depend a lot on the device itself and what its capable of. 

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3 years ago

In simple. Gigapower serive have upload and download at same speed. If u have 1000 Mbps. You ll get 1000 upload and 1000 download speed. The minimum acceptable speed for 1000 Mbps is 600 Mbps up/down.

Tip : for best speed on Wifi connect to 5 Ghz Frequency. And Giga Ethernet port for wired connection.



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2 years ago

Is the “600mbps acceptable speed” based on wired or wireless connection?