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Mon, Sep 27, 2021 9:35 PM

update on madison wi fiber

when will i see more fiber installed in my area(fiber lines run)

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2 m ago

The answer would be the same regardless of the city or community…

ATT has completed a phase 1 (5) year fiber build out from 2016 to end 2020 that reached 15 million residential addresses within 90+ markets in 21 state footprint. This 15 million represents about 25% of all ATT HARDWIRED addresses within these markets.

A phase 2, another (5) year buildout from 2021 to end 2025, is scheduled to reach another 15 million fiber addresses within the footprint. This adds an average of 3 million new addresses per year till end 2025 with about 50% of all ATT HARWIRED footprint having direct fiber FTTP options at completion.

Start of 2026 should have 30 million fiber addresses available with expected 10-11 million actual subscribers at that time. Additional subscribers can be added from the available fiber locations.

The who, when, where questions cannot be answered until the fiber build is completed.

Some zip codes are already 90+% fiber while other are less than 20%. 

From my perspective, ATT needs more individuals applying for the installation tech positions. With some leaving for other companies and other techs being promoted to other areas there are fewer techs to meet the 1 million installs per year. ATT is offering a $5,000 hiring bonus along with other union benefits for qualified individuals. Without techs, fiber waiting on the pole or in the ground is just sitting.

Our garage has lost 33% of workforce (18 down to 12, 3 left, 3 promoted) with no replacements in the near future as all current hires in our area are for Milwaukee 7 garages while 3 outlying garages are not being filled currently.

I suspect same for Madison as they are still getting out state workers 3 weeks at a time to fill the demand.

If know anyone, recommend they apply.

EDIT…. All companies regardless of industry seem to be short handed with workers wanted/needed. Overtime and 6 day work weeks seem to be the norm with continuing Covid influence on worker availability.



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2 m ago

We're always working to bring Fiber Internet to more areas, @clark2222.


As agents, we don't have knowledge of when each area will be Fiber-ready, but we can provide a form for you to fill out to be notified when it's available.


We also have an article here in the forums that you should check out that explains why faster speeds may not be available at the moment.


Thanks for reaching out to the community forums team.


Let us know if you need help with anything else.


Aminah, AT&T Community Specialist

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