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Thursday, November 16th, 2023 9:18 PM


Unmarked, unknown vendor left our street covered in clay, oil spots and trash after running fiber

You are installing fiber in our neighborhood which is fine but the vendor you have hired to do it is extremely messy. Our nice street is now covered in clay and dirt from all the digging. Several nice lawns that people pay money to have maintained have been torn up. There are oil stains from the leaking trucks up and down the block. There is trash from the vendor, ranging from plastic coffee cup lids, Arizona tea cans, straw wrappers, plastic bottle caps and plastic cutlery. I know your likely answer will be to tell me to contact the vendor, but their trucks are unmarked. All I can gather is that they have Florida license plates. I'm attaching photos of the mess that's just in my area of the street alone. This is simply unprofessional. I understand that installation is messy but the vendor didn't even try to put things back the way it was before they came through. And the trash issue is unacceptable. Please remedy this situation. Most people on the street are upset and that's not going to win you any customers. It may be the vendors fault, but they are representing your company.

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3 months ago

No response after a month. I'm not surprised. I can only assume that the vendor you hired uses undocumented workers. None of them spoke English. No wonder you don't want to talk about it. I guess my only option now is to drop your services, and to get my friends and family to do the same. It won't be hard since your services are subpar. 

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3 months ago

You do realize we are customers too and not Att support?

Call your local authorities. 

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