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Tue, Aug 17, 2021 9:29 PM

Unclear explanation for AT&T service delay

I was suppose to have my AT&T fiber service installed today. Nobody showed up for the appointment and when I called AT&T customer service I was told there is a facilities issue and I won't be able to get internet service for another two weeks. There was little explanation given aside from there "not being enough switches". I don't know what this means whether it's a shortage of fiber hardware on AT&T's end or an issue within the building. I've already seen two AT&T trucks come by the building today. I am in a newer apartment building and was told I have AT&T available if that helps.

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2 m ago

Facilities issue on fiber means either a light issue to the PFP, if new PFP... a splitter not available or active.

Each splitter supports 32 accounts, if say 2 splitters were initially installed for 64 accounts, they filled up and need another splitter installed that is a facilities issue... not able to provide service due to lack of equipment or line (damaged fiber to building or in building). 

ETC (estimate time of completion) are estimates and may be longer or shorter. 

"Not enough switches" would likely be the fiber splitter.... 

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