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Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 3:58 PM

The Whole Neighborhood Has ATT Internet BUT We Cant Seem To Get Hooked Up...

We have been in our new home for a month now with no internet service.


We ordered the fastest internet service a week before moving in because we both work from home and rely on fast internet...and thought we would get a head start on the installation.


The tech came out and couldn't find any box or conduit in the ground, although, every one of our neighbors has ATT internet service. Said he would put in a work order for conduit and box to be installed...RUSH!! (if this is RUSH...I'd hate to see the standard speed!!)


The pre dig people showed up and marked all the utilities in our yard and all the neighbors yards. We've got flags everywhere. (Cute but not helping our internet speeds) help from MANY calls to ATT customer service. The flags are fading and getting destroyed by all the lawn service guys...


We may never get service!!!


Hot spotting on our phones to try and make a living is killing us. Kids having challenges with homework.




First world problems...right?


Looks like the bumbling GIANT can't help the little guy. Where is the competition when you need them??


Any help out there??? anyone??? someone??? Is this thing ON???

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5 years ago

Hello @honkyshaq
To fully assist with this issue further, we will need to look over your account in more detail.

I am sending you a private message (PM) to help in this matter. Please check your forums private messages by clicking the Forums Inbox. Locate the PM from ATTCares and reply to my message with your specific account details.

I look forward to your response and the opportunity to help you!

Charles, AT&T Community Specialist



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5 years ago

Hi...thanks for the response.


I called in today and FINALLY got to someone who spoke perfect english and was in the USA.


Her name is Erin and was in an office in California, LA I think.


I had called to cancel our order. I found another high speed internet provider in the area that 

guaranteed to be as good or better than I decided to cancel.


Well, Erin took the time to contact the underground department, it took about 10 minutes, and 

when she came back on the line she had good news.


The ATT dig crew is supposed to start tomorrow September 14, 2018. 


I told her that I would hold out until tomorrow. If they begin the excavation we will continue with ATT. 

If not, I will be canceling and going with Netlink here in central Texas.


Not sure how I got a hold of Erin, but I am glad I did. She was so polite and I could understand her

and she was interested in helping!!


Every other time I called it sounded like a boiler room in some third world country and I could barely

understand the person.


Let's see how this goes.


To be continued...



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5 years ago


Shocker...NO crew digging...crickets!!!


Called to cancel the another very helpful ATT person to help.


After about 30 minutes of checking and so forth, the gentleman says the the line Is in the ground and was 

installed recently???  Not sure how that happened or when. We both work from home and never saw or 

heard a thing.


So the new story is that the technician is coming out on Monday August 17th, 2018 to get the system up and 

running for us.


We shall see. I will keep you posted, but if I was a betting man, I would bet several thousand dollars that 

Mr ATT install service guy is going to show up on Monday and shake his head and have more bad news

for us.


This will be the last day we will play with ATT...if not installed by Monday, which will be 6 weeks, we will be

canceling our order with ATT and accepting the proposal with Netlink dedicated wireless service.


Netlink uses a antenna, similar to Dish Network, and receives signals from internet towers installed around 

the city of Granbury Texas. Supposed to be very fast. We are looking at the 20/20 business service. A bit 

pricey but worth it if it is as good as they say it is.


Stay tuned...

Community Support


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5 years ago

Good morning @honkyshaq!

We'd love to look into this for you here! To fully assist with this issues further, we will need to look over your account in more detail.

I am sending you a private message (PM) to help in this matter. Please check your forums private messages and reply to my message.

I look forward to your response and the opportunity to help you!

Yetty, AT&T Community Specialist



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5 years ago



Jayson from ATT showed up on Monday morning September 17 2018.


Right on time at 9:00am.


He was very nice and couldn't believe it had taken so long to get to us. 


The burial crew had not shown up and I was expecting another disappointment. But to my surprise Jayson 

said he was going to do an above ground line drop. I believe he called it a "rock drop??" anyway...this was a fiber

optic line on top of the ground that could be buried later. WHY COULDN'T THE FIRST TECH DO THIS 5 PLUS WEEKS AGO??!!!


Jayson was here for 4-1/2 hours to complete the install. Service claims 1gig but we are getting a true 100-150 meg. Works well.


So today, September 19 2018...a crew showed up and did some work but not sure what they did. Seems they have buried another line and left the above ground line still on top of the street and yards.


We still have internet but things are a bit messy with cable everywhere. We shall see what happens next. 


Stay tuned for more info...






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