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Friday, June 23rd, 2023 6:31 PM

Tech no call no show

If it wasn’t for the fact that ATT is the only option in my apartment building I would never have gone with them. Trying to get this wifi set up has been hands down the most miserable experience I have ever had with a telecom company in my entire life. The customer service team is useless, the appointments mean absolutely nothing apparently, and there isn’t a single person on the other end of the phone that can tell me when someone will be out to my place to sort this out. I’m going on day 6 and I’m ready to move out just so I never have to be remotely tied to this company ever again. It’s mind boggling that there aren’t more posts about how abysmal ATT’s quality of service is. 

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5 months ago

We're here to get you up and running, @SpectrumPleaseHelpMe!


Due to the nature of your concern, let's go ahead and move this conversation into a direct message. This way we can access your account and see what the hold up is on getting someone out to you. Be on the lookout for a chat notification in the upper right-hand portion of the page, next to the bell icon. Once you're there, we can continue this over the phone or in chat if you'd prefer.


We look forward to speaking with you!


CalebP, AT&T Community Specialist 

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