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Sun, Apr 19, 2020 5:15 AM

Slow & unstable internet speed

I am gold member. AT&T’s just installed fiber in order to improve my house internet speed up to 1000MBPS. Unfortunately, the internet speed’s even much slower! Instead of 1000mb, i’ve always got its internet speed lower than 250mbps (1/4 of the speed in the service contract). First AT&T Tech guy came to fix it last week. He did testing and showed me his phone with internet speed of 1,000 mbps!!! I retested the speed using my laptop & iphone and the speed on my devices still below 250. He did not try to fix it, he claimed that something wrong with my devices!!! I explained that before installing the fiber, with the same laptop and iphone, I had no problem at all with the internet speed! There should be something wrong with the fiber and new equipment. He did nothing to fix but telling me that his supervior’d call me. I waited for 1 week, no call from the supervisor! I was so disappointed about the repair service from the first tech guy. So, I did tell AT&T that i was so disappointed with the 1st tech guy and i request the 2nd tech guy to come to fix it. AT&T sent the same guy for the second time and this guy did the same thing!!! He said internet speed’s normal and nothing he could do. I retest the speed by connectIng my laptop directly to the internet cable and i showed him the speed of below 300! He left the house without any explanation. He said his supervisor would come to my house Later. My disappointment level was double now with AT&T. I could not understand how AT&T could send the same tech guy for the second repair visit after I have reported his poor service!

During the corona virus, we have to rely on good internet to work from home and we have to do “social distance”, and i had to meet “face to face” with the same AT&T guy twice and nothing has been fixed!

Could any AT&T Representative help me fix the problem of very slow internet speed & unstable internet (on & off, especially in early morning). Thank you!




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6 months ago

@DaoT  I just posted a complain regarding the same issue. In my case is even worst, pay for 1000 mb and only get 100 at the most.

But my tech guy wasn't dishonest, he straight forward told me ATT has never ben able to get up to 1000 mb in my area, 300mb at the most he says and very unstable. He also said, since they brought fiber in It has never worked as is supposed to.


Smart home manager only tells you what speed the gateway is receiving, not what is sending to your devices. So that's how they cover their a***s. Even the official website  showed my speed was way lower, that's how I debunked tech's argument. 

I've seen multiple posts regarding this issue today that I'm now realizing this is a known issue and they're unable or unwilling to fix. 


I think we should scale it to a (Edited per community guidelines) or any legal actions as needed.


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