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Wed, Mar 2, 2022 4:56 AM

Requesting that Fiber be run to my house

When we initially got our internet set up for our house, the technician that set it up instructed us that Fiber has been run through our neighborhood -- just not to our house. He had told us that we should reach out to AT&T and ask about running it to our house, since it was already running alongside us. I had tried calling somebody with AT&T and have it checked out, but I never really heard back. I'm not really sure how to request it at this point. So I guess my question is who do I contact about finding out whether Fiber can be run to our house?

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4 m ago

You check your address online along with immediate neighbors to left and right on same side of street… if none can order then not currently available. 

The tech would have installed best speed available at time of installation, if he did not install fiber then it was available for installation. 


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4 m ago

Tech mislead you, assumedly so they could finish the install. If neighbors directly adjacent to you (same side of street) have fiber, than that is what should have been installed and you need to request an address validation. However, if they don't, then fiber is not available and there is not an option to request extension of nearby fiber.

Sorry, AT&T follows their own rollout plan over the next few years. Not everybody will get fiber.

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