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Thursday, April 6th, 2017 4:27 AM

Received misleading information and now I'm stuck with a year long contract

Wrote a lot, but want to give the full story...  


On friday 31 March, I checked fiber availability on my new residence and it showed as it being available, which I was excited about.  After speaking with 3 different reps (see side note) all three confirmed that Fiber was available at my new residence, so I went ahead and signed up for AT&T Uverse with Fiber 1000 and tech came out to do the install yesterday.  


-- quick side note --  I received a letter in the mail, either 27-28 March, stating that as a valued wireless customer I qualified for a $400 reward card if I signed up for any Uverse, internet and phone bundle prior to 4/22/17.  When I called to sign up for all three the rep told me I had earned a $100 reward card, told her about the letter and she proceeds to tell me that offer was 2 years old.  I laughed and told her I received it a few days prior and it read that I needed to reply before 4/22/17, so she clearly didn't know what she was talking about.  She spoke to a supervisor, which told her that she could only bump it up to $300 max.  I told her I'd rather call the number on the letter and have them give me the full $400.  I called the number and that rep tells me that letter should read "...qualified for UP TO $400..."  I tell her that is incorrect and read off the first paragraph.  She then changes and tells me that those cards come in, in limited quantities and once their gone, their gone.  I told her letter said no such thing, no where in the letter nor in the fine print and that it even stated offer expired 12/31/17.  She put me on hold and after several minutes she comes back with a different version; she tells me she could give me the $400 card, but it would void all other promotional discount and I'd be paying full price all my services.  I hung up with her and called the 2020 number, ended up just getting TV and Internet for a $250 Reward card and what ever promotional discounts there were.  FALSE OR MISLEADING ADVERTISING? 


Back to Fiber...

Tech came out 4/4/17, she ran the fiber and performed the install, prior to completion I went downstairs to speak to the tech that was installing my security system.  During that time, AT&T tech came downstairs and told me everything was up and running like its supposed to and she left.  Maybe 15 min after she left I decided to test my gigabit speed and it wasn't what I expected, ran a speed test and to my surprise I was only getting 54 MB speed over WiFi.  Went upstairs and hard-lined into the router and ran speed tests with Ookla, Google Fiber site and AT&T speed test site and it didn't go over 94 MB.  Called AT&T service line and after about 30 minutes of "troubleshooting" I was informed that a tech would have to come out and fix the problem.  Tech came out today, checked the line outside and ONT inside the house and ran a test from her phone, maxed at about 175 MB, she then asks me if I was informed my line is shared.  My dumbfounded face answered her question and she proceeds to tell me I was misinformed and that the fiber line is shared with 31 of my neighbors.  Meaning, that I would NEVER get anywhere near what was advertised; most I would ever see in a residence is close to 200 MB max and that the 1 GB speed is intended more for businesses.  Why does AT&T advertise 1GB Speed if the line is shared?  Why claim you'd receive that speed if in reality you'd only get 20% of it?  Why would I be paying for 1GB if I'd max out at 200 MB?  I called the 2020 number again and rep tells me I'm mistaken, that the least I would see is 600 MB and stars tell me that another tech would come out, but call conveniently dropped.  Now I'm locked into a year long contract, with a $180 termination fee by being mislead.  The 3 reps I spoke to and the tech that performed the install didn't mention anything about my line being shared and guaranteed me I'd see speeds ranging from 600 MB minimum to 940 MB max, yet the most I have seen is 175.  Any person with the slightest idea about speed tests, get their robbed if they go from a 50 MB speed to a 175 MB.  They see a faster response and believe its a GB speed, but only get 20% of what their paying for.  FALSE OR MISLEADING ADVERTISING?

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7 years ago

Hello @JavierTX

We saw your post and will be glad to help. Please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include:


  • Name
  • Account number
  • Phone number and the best time to reach you


Once we have your account details be looking for an email to the email associated with your forum ID or a call at a provided contact number.




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7 years ago

Line sharing?? THAT would not surprise me. I noticed that AT&T promptly responded to your post. If you don't mind me asking, what's the latest? Have they resolved your issue? Thanks!



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7 years ago

I also signed up att 1000 recently.  I use speedtest to check the speed almost everyday.  The speed never reaches 200 mb.  


The technician said the fiber is actually capable of delivering more than 10 gb.  They limit the delivery to my house to at most 1 gb.  Given the speed that I have been seen, I am wondering perhaps 200 mb is the actual limit he set.

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