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Tue, Dec 28, 2021 6:59 PM

Outside Engineering Delays

I am trying to get fiber internet delivered to my house. ATT attempted to install back in October, however my circuit was provisioned from a pedestal on the street behind me instead of the one right in front of my house. The install tech escalated to get my circuit moved pedestals, and another tech came out the same day to validate the pedestal and where it connected in the equipment servicing the area. I was told it would take less than a week to get the issue resolved. It is now over two months, and I have had 4 canceled installation dispatches because one part showed the work completed, and another said the work wasn't completed. I was just called today by ATT to schedule a tech, and I pressed to check the engineering ticket to ensure that things were completed, and they came back that things were not resolved. I have asked to escalate multiple times, yet no one seems to be able to assist me. I have also asked what exactly the issue on the circuit is, but the people I am speaking to aren't authorized to tell me that. Can anyone assist me with getting traction on my installation?


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To escalate to a customer service executive fill out the form in the provided link.  You can also file an FCC complaint or BBB complaint if the link doesn't get you the resolution you're looking for. 

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