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Sunday, May 16th, 2021 1:44 AM

No Show on New Installation - is this how AT&T treat new customers?

I had AT&T U-verse Fiber internet installation scheduled for today (Saturday 5/15 between 1-3pm) but tech didn't arrive..  Contacted customer service few mins past 3pm, and told that they were confident tech is coming today to finish install..   2+hrs later, nothing.    Contacted customer service again.. and told that my installation was put on hold due to some difficulties on previous installation.   (Edited per community guidelines)...    Now next available installation was 5 days out instead... 

There are couple of BIG PROBLEM here:

- No follow up - No call, No email, nada - No contact what's so ever when AT&T indiscriminately decided ditch my installation.  I only found out by contacting customer support.

- No next day follow up -  How come I have to go back in line when AT&T just ignore my appointment for their issue?  I can understand there maybe unanticipated issues to take place, but they should come back next earliest working day/time to compensate for the delay... 

- No ability to address these issues internally for the better..   Customer support guy (supervisor) I talked to seem like they work in U-verse tech dept, but they couldn't do anything to improve the situation (e.g. make next appointment earlier), nor allow me to escalate and talk to their mgr.   Seriously, basically customer eats dog food for their crappy service.

- No guarantee for next appointment either - how do I know if they ditch my appointment again... 

- Reading through this forum, I see there are many cases of no show here...  not a good sign.. 

I am (supposed to be) a new customer once installation is complete and begin their internet service.  Is this how AT&T treat customers?  I am wondering if this is a warning sign and indicative of how their internet service would be..  I am leaning toward not pursuing this install and stick with the other competitor (Comcast which service has been working just fine), so I don't have to find out later and end up forced to pay ETF.

Any people know more in any of above points? or Service experience after getting it?   Not sure if worth pursuing it.

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3 years ago

Who's install did you want AT&T to cancel to move you to the front of the line?
You might be happier with your previous provide except you decided to try AT&T. Why is that?

They had no problem cancelling OPs install.

If the techs are overworked surely AT&T can hire more technicians, or increase wages to keep up with the new demand.

I can't speak for OP but, I only switched because it was cheaper.

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