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Thu, Aug 12, 2021 6:41 PM

New Home Construction Fiber

We’re building a new home and would like AT&T fiber internet.  Our neighbors are also building and would like fiber internet, plus there is a third lot that can use fiber.  These three lots share an 1100 foot driveway with a utility easement.  If we run fiber from approximately 200’ of each house to the main road, would your technicians hook up to that fiber?  There is definitive fiber service very close.  If your tech would not hook up to our fiber line, would they run fiber through conduit that we installed?

We’re trying to get all utilities installed along the utility easement at once to prevent future trenching and possible utility damage.

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2 m ago

Are the addresses eligible for fiber internet?

 IF NO, Are any homes on the same side of street eligible for fiber?

Fiber build out are planned for specific addresses, to cover certain section of residential addresses from a local PFP. These addresses will have access to a fiber terminal either aerial or buried... the max premade fiber drop is 500 feet. Thus all homes would need to be within that distance.


H1......H2...FT....H3 with the FT (fiber terminal) on the edge of H@ and H3... with 150 lot width all 3 homes could be serviced by the FT.

In you statement all 3 homes are along a private drive (?) that is 1100 feet long....

If this is indeed true even if fiber terminal at the entrance to the private drive would not expect all 3 to have service unless this is closer to a cul de sac situation. 

Is the fiber terminal there to hook up to?

Aerial would be black box on pole with screw in connections while buried would be either a green pedestal square base with round top or green hold hole.

Key is do immediate neighbors have fiber internet connection available, and how far are your homes from a fiber terminal, and if there are spare connections available in the terminal as each home requires a separate fiber connection. 

BDO-ET Pedestals (Sealed Fiber Terminal Block) - Charles Industries

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2 m ago

Another possibility rather than the 1100' easement...

The subdivision that surrounds 3 sides of our properties has AT&T fiber.  Would you be able to run fiber from that subdivision to the our properties?  I believe following property lines from the round green pedestals would be in the 150-200 foot range to our houses.


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