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Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 9:50 AM

New FTTP Installation | BWG210-700 with Netgear-only WIFI

I am planning on having 1gb fiber re-installed by ATT. The last time I had ATT Fiber, their router lacked in its WIFI service. Therefore I want to exclusively use either a Netgear or ASUS router for WIFI, if not everything (if that is easier to configure). During my previous install, the firmware updates in the BWG210 by ATT would break the configuration for 3rd party every time it was upgraded by ATT per the forums.


  1. What is the latest status in using 3rd party routers to handle WIFI? Airties are not an option. Did not have good results with them last time. Do ATT firmware updates still break configurations for 3rd party router?
  2. Will ATT configure the BWG210 for the exclusively use of the 3rd party router when they do the Installation?
  3. If they don't, are there clear instructions in the forums to configure this that is not effected by ATT firmware updates?



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5 years ago

It sounds like you're really concerned (and probably with good reason) about AT&T munging things up with FW updates.  There's no reason to believe that they'll stop pushing updates anytime soon and who knows what those will do to their residential gateway or any third party routers behind it.  The last couple of updates to the BGW210 have been pretty benign but given what I'm reading between the lines of your post, perhaps you'd be best served by eliminating the RG completely and just using your third party router.  This process is obviously not supported by AT&T and is technically against their TOS, but lots of people are doing it and apparently it works very well.  You'll need to do your own research to find the info since we can't post links to other sites here, but you'll want to search for keywords like bypass AT&T gateway.  There are two ways to do it, one that's a bit involved and one that uses a simple dumb gigabit switch.


Now, of course you still have the issue of your router's manufacturer breaking their stuff with updates but at least you have some control over that.  Smiley LOL


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