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Fri, Oct 9, 2015 7:22 PM

Neighborhood Paying to Install Service

Hi, I've been trying to get ATT into my neighborhood for a year and a half. They have fiber running over the telephone poles to a neighborhood nearby, so the infrastructure is close, but whenever I check for service it says UVerse unavailable.

I know ATT is a business and some bean counter decided that my neighborhood wouldn't be profitable for an install. Ok, fine. BUT, what if the neighborhood (22 homes) paid ATT some of the cost to install? The fiber running over the poles is rated for Gigapower (neighborhood next door qualifies), and I know Gigapower allows for cheaper aerial network terminals. Is there any way to let us know the cost of installing and let us pay it ourselves? UVerse with Gigapower is far cheaper than the satellite most of us have to put up with, so it would actually save us money AND it would benefit ATT.

Anyone know who I can talk to about this?

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6 y ago


Hi Exile714,


Specific details regarding the expansion of these network types are not available. We recommend submitting a Request for Notification. This will help capture everyone who is requesting service within your area and will also notify you if any changes are made regarding availability for your home. 




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