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Tue, Oct 27, 2020 2:22 PM

Negative Install Experience - Private Message ATT Help?

We had a bad install experience for Fiber Internet last week.  The service was completely unusable for the first three days.  It either disconnected repeatedly or it was completely down.  We had to wait for a technician to come and fix the problem.  The installer should not have left us in this very bad situation.


The attached picture shows where the fiber enters our house.  There should be conduit from the NID box down to the ground.  But the installer said he had run out of the conduit on his truck.  He said maybe the person who buries the cable could install it.  But would probably slice the conduit open to get the cable inside.  Instead of undoing the connection he made and doing it correctly.


We are extremely unhappy that the installer did not stock his truck.  With the supplies that were needed to perform the install correctly.  We asked repair tech about redoing connection & installing conduit.  But received disrespectful answers about him doing any extra work.


The installer said cable bury person will not call to say he’s on the way.  So how can we get the outside conduit installed correctly at this point?  Is there any way to private message Customer Care about this concern?  We want this job done correctly and don’t want to settle for a shortcut.


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7 m ago

In my experience the local contractor generally places conduit when installing a new drop (fiber or non fiber)... the question then becomes is the local contractor only buring the existing drop (no conduit would be installed as contractor does not touch fiber connections like they do on copper connections) or burying a brand new drop requiring another tech dispatch to complete the process by redoing connections at terminal and NID whereby the tech removes the temporary drop placed on the ground. 

Inventory can vary from garage to garage... the tech may not have stocked his truck properly or the conduit was simply not available to the tech at time of stocking their truck.... as that is an unknown I will defer to the installer decision to complete your install versus rescheduling you to a different day / time (no installation) due to missing conduit. 

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