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Get superfast AT&T Fiber internet
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Tuesday, January 31st, 2023 7:37 PM

Need new Fiber ground box & cover

I've been waiting for months for AT&T to send someone to put in a new box for the Fiber internet. The green box that goes in the ground and covers the Fiber cable line in my front yard is broken and doesn't have a cover. AT&T has sent an internet technician twice, but I don't need a tech to check the internet. I need someone to install a new ground box. Each time I try and open a ticket for this on the phone, I speak with someone who clearly doesn't understand what I'm asking for. When the tech arrives, they inform me that they don't have a box, and that they need to speak with the AT&T construction crew. I was told that I myself could not open a ticket with the construction crew. Please assist me with getting the right support. 

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10 months ago

You can try calling 866-410-7414 and see what you get.  My understanding is that this is the number that should be used for broken hand holds like yours.

Please report back one way or the other so we know to keep giving it out or if it's yet another rabbit hole in AT&T "support".

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