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Monday, April 23rd, 2018 11:00 PM

Major Fiber Issues

I moved my family to Houston (Spring) in January and work from home.  We started off with Xfinity because it's what we had in Florida and it was fine.  After missing 4 days of work in the first month because of internet issues and multiple technician visits, we cancelled Xfinity and switched to AT&T.  I explained the situation to the person I spoke with at AT&T and they ensured me their up time was just about 100%.  Here we are, 1 month in, and the internet has gone out 3 times.  Once for almost 2 days.  It's out right now and I'm hot spotting from my phone to leave these questions:  

-When on the phone I was asked to go find the closet with all the wires in it.  I had never checked this out before but what I found was a complete disaster.  First off, the tech didn't put the cover back up.  Second, everything was spliced together real sloppy (no wonder it doesn't work). Third, everything from previous services providers was still plugged in and everything was stacked, so there was a significant amount of heat.  Is this what everyone's set up looks like? (pictures below)

-Is everyone else experiencing inconsistent internet with AT&T Fiber Internet?

-Does splicing wires over and over affect reliability and performance?  (I'm no IT guy)

-Any suggestions on what I can say to AT&T to get them to do the job right so I can have reliable internet services?



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6 years ago

Hello @Michael.Eulo,

I am sorry to hear of the issues with your internet service! I definitely understand the concern with the wires and impacted speeds. I would be more than happy to provide some additional assistance.

Our first step is going to be to have a diagnostic test run to assist with correcting the issue. Please click here to access our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool which will take you through a specialized flow specific to your account and devices to determine the issue.

Please let us know if you continue to experience issues. Have a wonderful day!

Nicole, AT&T Community Specialist

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