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Sat, Dec 25, 2021 8:44 PM

Is this Fiber?

Hello! I'm new to this forum page, so please be patient with me, but I have a question. I think they might be installing overhead fiber. They spray painted the ground in a few spots and two days ago, at&t trucks came by and dug up around all of the telephone poles. Can anyone here confirm what AT&T does when beginning to install overhead fiber? (By the way: they spray painted the words "Bore" and "Splice" on the ground and have thrown up orange flags and other spray paint of similar names all over the neighborhood)




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Il y a 5 m

Sounds like they are installing something at the pole that involves the ground and the aerial lines. That's all we can tell from your description.

A picture would help.

Normally when running aerial Fiber, AT&T will install black fiber and place orange tags with numbers near many of the power poles.

That's where they normally install the Fiber terminal boxes to run the drop cables to each service address.

Comments about Boring and Splicing just mean that at some point someone will us a boring machine to bury some cabling and make a Splice junction (normally at a pole) for the transition between underground and aerial Fiber.


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