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Thursday, October 5th, 2023 4:31 PM

Is it possible to get my aerial fiber line buried when I bury my power line?

Here's the situation: - I already have AT&T Fiber, and there's an aerial cable stretching across my backyard (from the power/telephone pole to the 2nd floor of my house). There aren't any problems with it, and it works just fine. - My power company recently said that my power line needs to be buried. In order to do that, I've dug a trench across the yard (6" wide, 24" deep) spanning all the way from the power/telephone pole to the house. - Since I'm already getting my aerial power line buried, and the trench already exists, I'd love to get my aerial internet cable buried as well. Ultimately, my question is: can AT&T bury my aerial fiber line in this existing trench? Would there be any problem with the fiber line being buried directly next to a power line? I've tried contacting the Buried Wire Center, but I'm not 100% sure they understood exactly what I'm asking for. There's nothing *wrong* with my aerial wire. It's not an "exposed wire", and it's not like AT&T left an underground cable unburied after an installation, or anything like that. This is purely an optional/elective request on my part: I already have a trench ready to use, and it would be nice if I could get rid of ALL of the wires stretching across my yard before I fill the trench back in.

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5 months ago

Yes, expect tech charge of $99 to $149 for customer request relocate wiring.

I personally would not recommend fiber next to electric feed but place gravel fill of 6 to 12 inches then have the fiber on top of gravel. Once done could complete filling trench.

My expectation…

tech will place a fiber NID near base of pole about 36 to 48 inches above ground level using a five foot conduit (can be cut to size) place new fiber from pole to the fiber NID at side of home again using section of conduit from ground to NID. There is a fiber NID on side of home correct?

Once everything done tech will need to enter home to inspect inside work and run several tests (5?).

Tech should also remove the fiber drop from house.

Recommend calling 800-288-2020 request drop relocate, would not mention trench until the tech calls to say on their way.

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5 months ago

Start first with your local codes department. They can advise the rules for burial of multiple utilities in the same trench. 

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