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Sat, Oct 2, 2021 5:19 PM

Internet availability

When is internet going to be available on Mann Rd south of Southport? I have lived in this area for 4 years. I find it quite astonishing that I live inside Marion county in 2021 and still have no internet options. How is this acceptable? 


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2 m ago

There is no requirement that any ISP run internet to where you live. It may not be acceptable to you, but it is up to them when or if they provide you internet.

There are no public rollout plans as that info is for internal use only for the company. If AT&T is not currently available, then check other ISPs.


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2 m ago

If you select an area that doesn't have Internet there are no guarantees when it will be available, nor are any companies required to offer any services. It boils down to demand. It's not cheap to install an infrastructure, and lets not forget the shortage of supplies and workers is still an issue. It's nice to live in an area that's quieter, but here are pros/cons to every area. Do i wish my area was less crowded, absolutely sometimes i do, however in a major area you have all the services you need. Tradeoffs for everything. 


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2 m ago

Is ATT the ILEC provider or a different telco provider such as CenturyLink, Frontier, TDS, Windstream, etc. If a different telco has the area do not expect ATT to be an over builder starting from nothing as the other company owns all outside structure.

If ATT is the ILEC they provide hardwired service to 80% of their footprint. For the 20% without hardwired, mostly rural or semi-rural, ATT plan is to provide internet using cellular service of 4G LTE, 5G or 5G+ where available. 

Other possible ISPs can Include local cable company, satellite providers HughsNet or ViaSat, or other companies offering fixed wireless (cell tower).

Enter your zip code to find ISP for the zip code that may or may not covered your address.

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