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Wed, Sep 29, 2021 11:21 PM

Internet and Cable Out

Is this acceptable??????????? The technicians that bury cables in yards from AT&T came to my home today to bury a line that has been above ground for 3 weeks. During their "job" I went outside to tell them my cable had gone out. The gentleman said, "Oh someone will be by to reconnect it today". I went back in the house and came out 10minutes later and they had ALL lawn is dug up, the cable is sticking up from the ground in one location and the other end is laying crossways in my yard still above ground!!!! When I called AT&T they tell me it will be Saturday before someone can be dispatched! 

So you come to my home, disconnect my services, leave without a word to me and then tell me it will be 4 days before someone can come to take a look!!!!!!!

I  am absolutely livid!!! I am now looking for other cable companies that will give me what I pay for!!!!


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2 m ago

The people that come to bury cables are contractors, not installers or technicians. Burying cable is all they do. You telling them your service is out is why they didn’t complete the job. Though it’s possible they caused your service to go down, it’s not necessarily true they caused it. I doubt that will make you any less livid but that’s the way they operate.

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