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Tue, Sep 28, 2021 12:27 AM

installer violated 'NEC" codes for fiber optics, did poor job on exterior penetration, How can I get someone from ATT to correct this

We  the installer was nice enough. When he secured the fiber to my home he cam down and attached (flag poled) to my solar conduit. Specifically the National Electrical Code on Fiber Optics prohibits attachment of most all communication cabling to any other type of conduit.  "In addition, do not strap, tape, or attach optical fiber cables (or any other kind of cable) to the exterior of any raceway as a means of support [770.133(D)]."

Then when he drilled through my exterior wall instead of using a "bushing" to insert into the hole and allow the fiber to go through the bushing which has a flange to help seal the penetration, he created a slight drip leg and ran the fiber directly through my exterior wall into the back of the jack. Then proceeded to glob silicon around the cable and penetration. 

I reported this to my local ATT store which agreed it is a poor installation, they were going to report it up the line. I have not herd back from AT&T to date. No where on the blasted website can you find a link to report issues. The chat is useless and takes forever.




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2 m ago

Yea you wasted your time at the local AT&T store. They did noting with your concerns or complaint.

This is a customer to customer forum where AT&T reps and employees may stop by on their own time.

The Tech did not use your existing Solar conduit for fiber drop support. It was only used to make for a tidy install of the fiber.

Would you rather the Tech just staple the fiber directly to outside wall as that would be the alternative method.

Techs don't use a bushing just a direct hole at a slight up angle. A picture would help but it sounds like the Tech used a standard drip loop and sealed the wall penetration correctly.

Only thing that might have been different was if you requested the tech install a Slack NID to isolate the Fiber drop from interior fiber.

Note: Fiber is Nonconductive. Contain nothing that can conduct electricity, so will not accidentally energize or be energized even when closely associated with electrical conductors.


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