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Monday, February 12th, 2024 10:24 PM

Install Technician on my property not a customer.

Indiana tags:TK520MQG and 246CFW

We recently had underground conduit put in our neighborhood. I understand that data cables still have to be fished and pulled. We have a box on our property and understand for what they are used.

Today 02/12/24 at 1625, our animals went nuts. The technician in the second vehicle listed by tag at the top was pulling cables. But, the box is on the sidewalk in front of our house. This gentleman was 2 feet away from our nursery window 35 feet away from the sidewalk. That is why our dogs lost it.

As I am a service tech in another field also customer facing. I know better than to make contact with someone taking pictures of my company truck. The gentleman in the first truck tag above decided he would try to talk make contact. He asked if he could help me and when I said no I just need to know who to complain on. He went into an explanation about how no one was outside and they meant no disrespect. The problem here is having the RESPECT to let someone know you're going to be walking around on their property. So that they know not to let out their dogs out, or react hostilely towards a person 2 ft from their child's bedroom window. Since no one could show the basic respect of knocking on a door to let us know I am lodging this complaint. Nothing likely will happen to help your employees operate more safely than these two.

On second though I will post the security videos of them using my property as a breezeway. YouTube here I come.

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