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Friday, July 20th, 2018 12:38 PM

Inconsistent price quotes (3) on additional wiring

Good Morning,

I've got some questions I'm attempting to get an authentic, universal answer to in regards to a new fiber installation.

First off let me apologize if this comes off as rude or upsetting. That isn't my intention. I'm just hoping to get a legit and consistent answer. Second, if the terminology I use isn't accurate I'm sorry. Been a long time since I needed something additional wired in.
We have a house in a new subdivision of town that is scheduled to be finished within a few weeks. Both Cox and AT&T have confirmed to us that the area has been wired for all of the usual services including AT&Ts 1000/1000 fiber option. There are certain aspects of the house that we didn't get to customize and so because of that I I currently have coaxial coming into the house from only two locations; the main living room (outside wall) and the master bedroom on the same floor (also outside wall). 
Given the layout, our goal is to have all wiring related to internet and TV installed on the upstairs floor. We have a specific media room in question that we would like to use with easy access to the attic that would allow us to do more personalized upgrades in the future while still being able to hide wiring. My question focuses on this; I have asked no less than three (3) reps through the online chat support tool if it is possible and at what cost to add additional coax(?) runs upstairs where I would prefer the hardware to be located. I have been given three different answers and they all vary greatly. 

  • $99 install fee + $49 for each additional new line run
  • $0 install fee as long as I order service through the website. The tech "would run a line to the house wherever I chose to have as my base." (This seems to pertain to a home that has access but is not currently wired?)
  • "AT&T does not do any additional wiring related to Coax if the home currently has available and functioning lines. Also a no in regards to running any sort of cat5/6 drops."

Because of these varying replies, I'm unsure what is accurate and how I go about getting a concrete answer. I missed the window to hire a low voltage installer to hardwire the home with cat6 before the drywall went up and that part is on me. I am more than willing to pay AT&T (or a competing ISP) to install whatever cabling is needed if that means I can have any hardwired equipment in the upstairs room of my choosing. I'm 100% okay if company-wide techs don't install or run networking cable even to a centralized patch panel.  I understand any additional wireless receivers related to TV service are an additional $49.99 OTF + $10/m. The ultimate goal is modem/router/ap/gateway upstairs where no coaxial has been run and one additional wireless STB downstairs where cable has in fact been run. 
Hoping I didn't confuse anyone in trying to explain this all. I'm happy to break it down in more detail if that helps.

TL;DR - looking for a verified cost to run whatever cabling is needed to another floor. 



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5 years ago

Does this mean I'm looking exclusively for rj45 terminals only then? If that's the case then I believe I still only have one run in the downstairs living room.

Is this typical of a new home to only have one line run? Is this mainly because almost every other device is wireless therefor a hardline isn't needed?

So If I'm understanding your reply correctly I would be looking at $99 in "additional labor" plus $55 for the line to be run upstairs along the outside of the house and then $20 to have it fished through? If I were to complete my order through the online store how do I go about specifying or requesting these services? Is it simply something the tech ends up being confronted with when they enter the home and talk to the owner upon arrival? I ask because if it ends up being $450 worth of additional charges then I'd almost be better transferring my existing service over to the new house as any first-year savings as a new customer would almost certainly be wiped out.

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