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Fri, Oct 1, 2021 9:39 PM

I would like to run 2" conduit in the attic for the fiber line

fiber is being installed in my area now and I will make the change from current ATT DSL as soon as it is ready. I would like to run 2" conduit in the attic for the fiber line and wanted to know if this will only run to a wireless router provided by ATT or if I need to have fiber "drops" in each room? I am hoping to have the conduit installed myself to simplify the install and save the installer some time and effort with pulls ready for the fiber. Any suggestions or recommendations from ATT experience is appreciated.

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2 m ago

fiber only runs to the router then uses ethernet or wifi  keep in mind if fiber is being run in your neighborhood it can still take 9 months to a year to be available to you. thats even if its residential fiber and not for a cell tower, school, bank etc 


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2 m ago

Well I'm not AT&T, I'll give you an answer and if you want to ignore it that's fine.  The fiber only needs to run to the ONT, from there it's CAT5e or better to the modem.  There is a modem now that the ONT is built into the modem or modem built into the ONT whichever way you want to look at it.  So in that case the fiber will go clear to the modem.  Either way whatever is needed will pull through the conduit. 2 inch is over kill but it's not going to hurt 3/4 would be plenty.  If you want a wired connection in places other than where the modem will be you can run CAT5e from the modem/router to whatever locations you want a wired location. 

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