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Sunday, September 17th, 2023 10:17 PM

I continue to get told my "repair appointment has been put on hold due to an outage"....for a week now with ETA to be fixed changing daily

A week now I have tried to get my fiber internet installed, a week now I have been disconnected from the 800 hotline, disconnected from live chat, and every appointment I have made to get a repair tech to help set up my internet has been put on hold or cancelled due to an outage

THERE IS NO OUTAGE IN MY AREA, FULL. STOP. PERIOD PERIOD PERIOD. I need my internet set up, this is beyond ridiculous, I have tried talking to person after person after person nonstop and have been treated like absolute garbage by customer service who refuse to help. I need this solved, I'm about to be FIRED from my JOB due to this. 

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3 months ago

What would you expect customer service to do?they aren’t out in the trenches and they don’t get updates on outages 

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