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Thursday, March 19th, 2020 3:14 PM

How to get an engineer to confirm if I can actually get service. I think online tool is wrong

So I live a decent sized development. Fiber was ran a couple of years ago and I thought it was so weird that we still had no ATT fiber because I would periodically check the availability tool. I recently learned though that a ton of my years got ATT fiber soon after and it's just my address it has an issue with. I went as far as entering in 20 addresses of my neighbors into the tool and mapping out who is a customer vs who is at least eligible, and every I tried is at least eligible while most were already customers it says. There is one newly completed street that came in later that does not have service and I am a corner lot with my back yard on that street but my services, water main, driveway, and current Comcast drop all on that the old street,I even predate most of those other homes. The home next to me that our utility boxes are a foot apart or even shared under the box has service with ATT Fiber but the website says I am not eligible. I am guessing it thinks I am on the other street or some other error with how the plant was recorded in engineering. So I am trying to get an actual human engineer from my local headend to review the plot and confirm yes or no. I put in some tickets last fall or summer to no word or reply. I called, I tried Twitter to get an agent who just used the tool and told me I can be notified when it's available, so nothing more than I can already do but not addressing my request for an engineer validation. Short of driving up to me local headend office, how on earth can I get this reviewed? I attached the map I did with yellow being Current customers, Blue being eligible and Red a No. I can see the plant runs right but me so I should have service but that Fairdale Ct street is new and gets nothing, which makes sense. But my neighbor 10 feet away is a customer so how do I join the ATT fiber family and get off Comcast?

I did see another post about this 1 years or so ago and they list a 800 number to call. I called it and got dumped into the same general call pool I got when calling the main number.

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4 years ago

an engineer doesn’t determine if you can get service it’s planning. But call back and at the voice prompt say address validation

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