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Monday, January 2nd, 2023 2:10 PM

How picky can I be about where the fiber jack gets installed?

Thinking about switching from cable internet to AT&T Fiber; since it's currently coming through coaxial cables that run throughout the house, I had a lot of freedom in where I could set things up. Currently, all of the hardware is located on the third floor so I can connect my computer via ethernet.

If I made the switch to fiber, it seems unlikely to me that I could convince the tech to run the internal jack all the way up to the third floor. Does anyone have any insight on this?

As long as I'm asking, assuming I can't have the jack installed on the third floor, how difficult would it be to run ethernet up through the walls?

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1 year ago

Pre inspection… no

You need to place an order, during the initial walk through can discuss your concerns and wishes. After discussion have one of three options…

1) continue installation

2) request reschedule while considering options including hiring a contractor

3) cancel the installation.

Techs ladders are 28 feet… using 4:1 rule a fully extended ladder should be 7 feet from base of wall… will not reach 3rd floor.

Likely drilling a hole from the inside and pushing fiber thru hole and having slacked down the wall.

Techs feet should be no higher than 4th rung which is 4 ft below max reach



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1 year ago

The tech could install the Fiber wall plate on the 3rd floor if the standard ladder on the truck will reach the 3rd floor from the outside or run Fiber to the location.

Fishing through walls for Ethernet can be easy or hard depending on the wall construction and access. You might have a local low voltage company install Ethernet cables via a conduit to the 3rd floor on the outside of the house. A conduit can also be installed before the AT&T Fiber install. The Fiber conduit would need a Mule tape (pull-string) for the AT&T to just pull the fiber through the conduit into the wall / location where the conduit is terminated.

Do you know where the Fiber is located in relation to your house? Is there a Fiber Ped, Fiber Handhold, or is the Fiber drop going to be from a Pole for an aerial install?


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1 year ago

@dave006 Thanks for the response!

I actually have a handhole almost directly in front of the preferred wall for installation. Call it 20-30 feet along the ground, then probably another 20 straight up the wall.

Now I'm wondering if AT&T can send someone out to take a look before I commit to the installation.

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