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Thu, Oct 22, 2020 9:51 PM

How do I get Fiber to my house

I have been putting up with Comcast for years and I would like to switch, your DSL option is the only option available to me but that is too slow.  I would really like the option of symmetrical speeds with Fiber.  But fiber is offered all around me but not to my my block.  It is literately across the street.

How do we get Fiber on our block?  Do we need a list of neighbors/potential customers that would commit to switching or how do we get this done?

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7 m ago

According to you fiber is already there... across the street.

Street can be dividing lines outlining the areas of service, have you considered moving?

If not, then IF or WHEN fiber may be brought to your side of the street this decade would be unknown. Past 4 years ATT provided direct fiber to over 14 million addresses, that is done... unknown until the company announces a phase 2 that more fiber will be deployed to existing BROWNFIELD addresses. 

Company statement from January 2020...

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6 m ago

This is silly, not going to move to just get fiber lol.

Also, everyone keeps ignoring my question.  I want to know how to get it here, not when or if it is coming.  I want to be able to contact someone and make some kind of arrangement to bring it to my neighborhood.

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