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Sun, Oct 25, 2020 7:14 PM

Google WiFi and Xbox One - Pace5268AC

Hi All,

I’ve done a ton of research and ultimately just need some other eyes on this. Currently, I have ATT Gigabit fiber and a Pace 5268AC. I wasn’t a fan of the built in wireless, so I added in the Google WiFi. Currently, I have 4 devices hardwired into the Pace - Xbox One, Arlo Hub, Google WiFi, and my Roku TV. I’m currently getting a “Moderate NAT” with the Xbox, and that’s with setting the “All TCP” and “All UDP” settings pointing to the Xbox. So I have two major problems I’m trying to solve -

1. Get an “Open” NAT type on the Xbox.

2. Allow my wired devices to see my wireless devices.

From what I can tell, the easiest way to solve problem 1 is to get static IP’s from ATT.

The only way I’ve found to fix problem 2 is put the Xbox and all other devices downstream of the Google WiFi. However, this causes a double NAT situation. My question is, if I put everything downstream of the Google WiFi and get static IP’s, does that solve both problems?

Thanks in Advance!


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