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Thu, Jan 16, 2020 8:32 AM


When will Gigapower be offered at my location? I live in Normandy Manor Apartments in Mentor, OH. I have been a loyal customer of yours for going on five years. About a 1 1/2 years ago I signed up for wireless. 6 months later I added my unlocked iPad to my unlimited plan. Now I have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and my mother has an iPhone. All along with our 50 Mbps U-verse internet and AT&T TV Now that is streamed on 2 TVs.

I really want to know when AT&T will offer me and my neighbors Gigapower. FYI, Spectrum can only provide 100 Mbps max to my neighbors.

I will make sure to tell all of my neighbors about the Gigapower service when it arrives. If you need to get permission before installing the new equipment, the phone number to the Normandy Manor Apartments rental office (landlords office) is (Phone number hidden).

Feel free to send me periodic updates regarding the topic. My email is [email scrubbed]




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9 months ago

Gigapower is only available on AT&Ts fiber network. It’s up to the apartment owner to allow AT&T to place that Infrastructure on their buildings. Your current system is using what is existing with the building. To get fiber to the units, AT&T would have to do what’s called a retro/ MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) project, they will bring a new fiber optics cable to the side of the building, split it and run individual fiber lines to each unit. Talk to your management and have them talk to a sales rep.

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