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Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 2:04 AM

FTTP Install experience vs expectation (complaint)

I live in a large apartment complex and AT&T have been installing fibre in the neighborhood.

I received a letter from my apartment leasing office with "48 hr's notice of intent to enter"

The details of this was along the lines of AT&T will be accessing the closet to install a fibre cable.

I emptied the closet so this could happen.

It's worth noting the closet is where the communications cabinet is and this was not an internet installation booked by myeself but rather the apartment owner having the fibre installed into each apartment.


The reality of the install is:

AT&T did the install on the floor under my dining room table. Right where my feet are and ignored the communications cabinet.

This means:

  • I can not plug the cable into the commuications cabinet and make use of the ethernet cables and ports.
  • I am expected to have a router and whatever else sitting on the floor at my feet in the living room.
  • I would need to have the fibre moved so that it is terminated in the communcations cabinet before I can make practicle use of it


(nb; the other port on the wall if for telephone only)

I have my cell phone with AT&T and was looking forward to migrating my home internet & TV over too but right now am facing having to stay with Xfinity at home.


What are my options to have the fiber re-located so that it is terminated in my communications cabinet ?

Private contractor or does AT&T have to do it ?

I have a booking for the install coming up but have not been abe to get any clarity out of AT&T as to what I need to do.








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5 years ago

In my experience all units of MDUs are wired the same. 


The direct fiber receives an end that plugs into the ONT, which requires ac power within about 5 feet. From the ONT an ethernet cable connects to the gateway. All other devices (iptv, voip, wireless, ethernet computer related, game systems, etc) connect to the gateway which also requires ac power but has a longer power cord of around 10 to 12 feet.


If desire to order service the ONT will be where fiber is located, an ethernet cable would then need to be ran to closet if that is where you desire the gateway. The cable can be stapled to wall using T59 staples.



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5 years ago

Thanks @my thoughts  for the prompt reply.

I feel that having all of this equipment, that can get hot, sitting directly on the carpet floor, right at my feet, is a risk and is not acceptable.


All I need is to relocate this to the comunications cabinet and I will dump Xfinity and move over.

Am I allowed to get a contractor in to do this for me ?

Can I pay AT&T to move it ?



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