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Sat, Nov 12, 2016 2:58 AM

Frustration after 3rd failed attempt at Uvers installation.

Ok, so this is not really a question, more just a venting of a LOT of frustration.  I ordered my internet on Oct 14th, and today, Nov 11th, the 3rd technician has come out to install the internet.  Not surprising to me, he told me the same thing the previous 2 technicians told me.


Before I tell you what they all said, a brief history...  Earlier this year, contractors were installing the Fiber Optic Cable for AT&T around my house.  They ran it down the road beside my house, and then in front of my house, they ran it up between telephone poles, stopping the run half way between the two poles in front of my house.  So, the fiber optic cable is there.  Back to the techs.


All three techs told me that the device that they need to connect the cable from my house to the fiber optic cable near the road is missing.  I believe it is called an FST (Fiber Service terminal)  All three of those technicians have submitted requests for a FST to be installed.  I keep getting text messages after these requests have been submitted stating that the issue outside has been corrected, but there is STILL no FST on my property.

Today, after the 3rd technician left, stating that he would escallate the issue, I saw another AT&T technician looking for the FST.  I spoke with him, and he verified that there was not one to be found.  Not long after he left, I received yet another text stating that the issue outside had been corrected.  I must say that I am impressed that the physical FST unit can be installed without someone actually physically installing it... but wait... I run our and check, and lo and behold, I still cannot find a FST anywhere.


Monday will be 1 month after my order, and I have missed too much work already to be here for the installation, so I have to wait until saturday a week from now, because they could not work anything in today (Friday the 11th), or tomorrow (Saturday the 12th), for the 4th technician to come to my house.

I have been on the phone with different people from AT&T several times today, and one manager in the service department said he would try to pull some strings to get the installation finally taken care of.


It is my opinion that the contracting company that is supposed to be installing that terminal just does not give a rats posterior about doing their job properly, and is just closing the ticket without bothering to send anyone out.  So, I am expecting the techs that come out on the 19th to tell me the same thing that the three prior techs told me.  I am running out of patience with this.


I can say that everyone that I have talked to, either on the phone, or in person, has been very wonderful, and I know they are trying to do everything in their power to assist, but it is sad that everything is being derailed by whoever is closing the external request stating that they have fixed the issue, when nothing has been done. 

To those who I yelled at today on the phone, I am sorry.  I know it is not you, but just to have the SAME problem unresolved after 3 attempts to get the installation completed is extremely upsetting.  This is especially frustrating because there seems to be no way to return the notice that the outside issue has been resolved with a request for them to provide proof that it has been resolved, they can only take the word of whoever submitted the resolution, which means that I have to have the next tech come out and submit yet another ticket for the same issue all over again. 


I am seriously considering just cancelling the whole Uverse, Direct TV package that I signed up for, but I will give them until the 19th to get the issue resolved.  If, on the 19th, there is still no way to connect me to the fiber optic cable network, then I will be very seriously considering cancelling my services, and there will be NO fee charged to me, since AT&T cannot supply the internet that was part of the package that I ordered.




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5 y ago

Hello @Crutch,


Whoa, what a mess! Sorry to hear you are experiencing this much trouble. Can you send me a private message with the information listed below and I will escalate the issue. Now you may say that this has already been done, but I have higher channels to escalate to that the field techs do not have. I feel that I can get this moving in the right direction or at the very least find out what the hold up is.





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4 y ago

Yes me too. August 12th First tech comes out no dial tone at house, not able to install. 2nd tech came out that day to look at the lines underground. Said my neighbor had the line. Was going to call to have then run more fiber optics. Have not heard from them since. Something about outside contractor not available. After a month not hearing from them, called att today after two transfers spoke with someone said it might be in another two weeks. No explanation why or when it will get resolved. I guess they don't want my money, and I'm stuck with Comcast. She gave me another phone number to call and cancel because they were closed. Nice customer service.
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