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Mon, Oct 4, 2021 5:51 PM

Fiber upgrade - promised to be in my area in 6 months from install which was 18 months ago

We were told that fiber would be available within 6 months when our service started in March 2019.  Covid hit and we all worked from home for several months.  I haven't heard anything more about fiber availability and I don't know how to get answers.

How can I speak to a live person about getting fiber?





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2 m ago

And who promised you this? AT&T doesn’t share future services for the exact reason your posting people complain when they are told a specific time and it doesn’t happen. Projects and builds get abandoned for a number of reasons. 

my thoughts



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2 m ago

In March 2019 ATT was starting to wind down their (4) year (2016-late 2019)  12.5 million fiber expansion…. A condition of governmental approving ATT purchase of DirecTv in summer 2015.

ATT did reach 14+ million residential locations by end of 2019 and added another million in 2020 for total of 15 million over 5 years.

The company has announced another 5 year fiber built out reaching another 15 million addresses from 2021-end 2025. This 30 million locations will represent about 50% of all ATT hardwired addresses within 90+ markets in 21 states.

Again the company does not state who, when, or where the fiber will be available only where the service is currently active which overall is 25+% of all hardwired addresses. 

Fiber may be coming over next several years, or may not. Only by moving to where service is available can anyone state when you can order the service.

Just my thoughts…

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