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Tuesday, December 19th, 2023 2:20 PM

Fiber Shenanigans and Ridiculousness-An epic true tale

So I've been with Att for over 20 years, when fiber became available in my area and they offered faster internet and a discount to switch I was all for it. They sent a tech out but he told me he'd have to dig through 2 neighbors private yards to lay the fiber- that's a nope. I sent him away, lying that the HOA had nixed it, because it seemed far too intrusive, I'd have to inconvenience both of them and actually contact the HOA. My "slow" internet wasn't ever terrible, I'd just keep it...... or so I thought.

Fast forward a couple? years to when ATT really started to push it. Amidst the constant badgering about switching, to which I had become accustomed to gently asking what my file says (the tech had simply written they weren't able to run fiber)"oh sorry" but every time, they'd ask-they turned to dirty tactics- slowing my internet to unusable speeds. I would call, and they would fix it, reminding me that if I just switched to fiber, and they're making the change.. and this would then repeat every couple weeks. It made me so mad I made it a point to suffer out of spite. Then ATT actually canceled my internet, claiming they had been warning me they were making the change for awhile- their system can't support my old interwebs, and they couldn't turn it back on without the fiber.

I think I may have blown a gasket.

Mind you, 20+ years... ATT's customer service alone is the reason I've been vehemently loyal, even at times with a bigger bill. This isnt Metro PCS, they have the power to do anything, more than any other customer service/cell service/internet provider. So I forced them to admit they were full of lies and to turn it back on, which they did. And in turn, I admitted I was full of lies and to send a tech out and I would revisit intruding on my neighbors. My guy then offered me a gift card for the inconvenience or truthfulness, not sure... that will be mailed to me. This epic drama is almost done, hang tight for the ridiculousness.

My house backs up to a creek, I live in 304 C; D is attached; B is in front of us; then our detached garages, and then A at the street. We share a driveway entrance before it splits to our garages with 306 A,B,C,D,&E in the same formation. The tech comes out, but this time, instead of one guy vaguely mentioning going through 304 A&B's private fenced yards- it's a tech and two contractors informing me they will need to run a course between 304 & 306 (laments about the sprinkler system he'll have to navigate) and points to the electric pole across the driveway. "I don't understand, how are you going to do that?" Well, he says (with a straight face), we're going to have to pull up the driveway.......

ARE YOU SH*#$ING ME?! The only way to provide your required precious fiber to one house is possibly $500k+ in demolition, construction, man hours, surveyors, materials, etc.??!! I laughed out loud and looked at him in disbelief...And how long do you suppose that would take, tearing up the driveway and then re-cementing it? "About two weeks." So in addition to the fact that these guys were totally willing to milk this cash cow, they were seriously considering asking 9 entire households to be land locked for 2 weeks....

And that was 3 weeks ago after I made my point and laughed those dolts out the door. My internet is still on. I've decided to give up the hope that they were joking and are looking for a more logical way to run it, like through the existing lines, or possibly on raft down the creek.... and sadly must leave ATT. I really was looking forward to that gift card/ cash card- I guess it's "in the mail

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6 months ago

So I wrote this as a funny and true tale, but I realized it reads more negative than I intended. It comes more from a jilted lovers perspective. So in addition I feel I must add that ATT is across the board the best service for phone or internet hands down. They don't necessarily offer up when your bills could be cheaper, and they are not always the "cheapest" option, they certainly make mistakes and there are other carriers that have better coverage in certain areas....but whatever they lack in any given area- they make up for 100% in customer service.

I have literally never had a bad experience or situation not made better by talking to them. It's a lost and priceless thing customer service... being able to speak with a live person in general is rare and it usually ends in 12 Manager transfers or a "sorry about your bad luck."

So to ATT who always answers, from America, in legible English, always finds a way or loophole to help, are always polite and empathetic, and are all able to actually see everything and DO something no matter their position, I salute you. You'll always be my favorite....even if you are abandoning me after all these years.... That's it, for posterity not brevity lol!!

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