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Mon, Jan 13, 2020 7:10 PM

Fiber Optics to homes on Christian Dr, San Jose, CA 95135

I was told to send email at to request for fiber optics . The email bounced back so writting in this forum

I live on Christian Dr, San Jose, CA - 95135 . I have been using AT&T for some years . I am (and my other friends on this street) are looking for Fiber to home. My neighborhood has Fiber to their home for some years now. I have requested AT&T representative couple of times but haven't heard back. Can you let me know if there is any plan to bring fiber to Christian Dr, San Jose, CA 95135.



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a month ago

Unknow... no public available timeline for IF or WHEN any address, street or neighborhood will be upgraded...

The company has spent the last 4 years (2016 to late 2019) adding over 14 fiber addresses in the 21 state footprint. This represents about 18% of all addresses, some zip codes are over 90% fiber while others are less than 3%. My area is about 6%, or 880 addresses out of 14500. Your zip code is about 17.3% or close to the 21 state average of 18%.

The company has stated they are not done deploying fiber and will continue to do so, but at a slower pace, no more 3.5 million addresses per year.

A good amount of that fiber will be for cell tower to support 5G, for Project Airgig, for business / government and NEW GREENFIELD residential development.... existing brownfield will be low on the list and considered on case by case bases.

Your best choice if desire ATT Fiber internet is to move to one of the 14 million addresses where the service is currently available, about 25% of this (3.2 million?) is MDU apartment / condo complexes.


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