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Fri, May 21, 2021 1:26 AM

Fiber optic sub contractors negligent

Long story short, ATT sub contractors  ran fiber optic cable under my driveway, actually. In the middle of my yard outside of the easement, and cracked it.  They wanted to save money, removed the driveway they damaged and in the process broke 3 more concrete panels. The contractors have no business doing that work. It's criminal and makes me wonder if they are even properly insured. 

I started a claim with sedgwick and now the claim will be at least 3x more because of more damage they caused. What a huge mess this has become,and ATT hires Craigslist help, this really proves it. 

Can anyone explain why the sub contractors would try to do the concrete themself. They want to save on a claim but they are not concrete installers.  They used a backho and a saw, not even a jackhammer. Was a complete mess damaging my yard in the process. 

Any advice would be great especially if your a sub contractor and takes pride in your work. I'm in Gastonia, NC and would love any information. 




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5 m ago

Have you been assigned a Segdwick rep for the original claim and have you updated your rep with the additional issues.

Make sure to keep your pictures and any names provided by the contractor or the license information from their trucks.

What a huge mess this has become,and AT&T hires Craigslist help, this really proves it. 

AT&T does not hire from Craigslist but a contractor may hire day labor from various sources. The contractor is licensed and bonded to work in your county or city.


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2 m ago

At 2:01 pm today a non English speaking man and his 10 year old son were dropped off at 1000 Redfish Hitchcock, TX 77563. He proceeded to pull wire out of the flower bed and off the house. 

The internet and fiber optic wiring had been fixed early last month both outside and inside, (after 2 or 3 months of calling & scheduling) Now this guy shows up randomly and starts pulling wiring out.

AT & T confirmed he was a 3rd party outsourced by AT & T.  There was no work order for this and absolutely no reason for him to be on the property. 

I truly hope when I get down there, we still have internet - 

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