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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022 3:31 AM

Fiber internet

I have requested fiber service for over 5 years but I am told "Fiber is not available in your area."

1. The AT&T fiber backbone runs across my front yard (AT&T field tech told me this while out on a repair in my neighborhood).
2. The fiber node is 4.5 blocks up the street.
3. The copper wire bonded pair connection I currently have is connected to a fiber card in the node (repair tech told me this while fixing a speed issue I had at one time because he moved me to the fiber card)

4. COX Communications started burying fiber throughout my entire city 3 weeks ago and it will be completed by January 1st.

I currently have the internet 50 package (current price is $55 month)that has been discounted down to $35 a month and the monthly data cap has been removed ($30 a month value)

Internet 50 is the same as the Internet 300 ($55)

6 times the speed for the exact same price!

When is AT&T actually going to expand the fiber service 4.5 blocks like they have been claiming for 5 years?

My entire block works from home. Does the current AT&T customers on my block need to change to COX before you listen and actually do something?

Even the 5G T-mobile home internet for $50 would be better at this point.

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2 years ago

FTTN or Fiber To The Node deployed from 2006 to end 2015 reached 33 million addresses over 10 years. Addresses with current speeds of internet 25 to 100 is FTTN, actual speed is dependent on card type (F, K, N) along with single or bonded pair AND the copper distance from VRAD to the home.

ATT current 2nd phase 5 year fiber build out, 1st phase 2016 to end 2020 reached 15 million residential address, the 2nd phase 2021 to end 2025 is scheduled to do the same… another 15 million bringing total to 30+ million residential addresses (50% of hardwired footprint). 

With about 3 years and 10 million addresses out of estimated 40 million, have a 25% change of having ATT fiber by start 2026.

The best chance is NEW GREENFIELD subdivision or MDU apartment / condo complexes. The 2nd best is current FTTN with aerial (from poles) in denser population areas, say 50x120 lot sizes. 3rd would be burial or less dense areas with last being current ADSL2+ (speeds of 18 or less). 

While your neighborhood chance is better than some, not guaranteed will have fiber within next three years unless willing to relocate to an address with the service.

By the money… ATT is spending $24 billion ($2 billion per month) in 2022 and 2023 with expected $20 billion in 2024 to reach the stated goals of 50% Uverse platform hardwired addresses being 30 million AND 25% of footprint having 5G wireless service. This is 75% of addresses having some type of fiber service. 

Notice I stated UVERSE platform, as that is what the internet services are… ATT Internet was Uverse ADSL2+ / VDSL renamed December 2016 and ATT FIBER is the renamed Uverse GIGAPOWER also done in December 2016. 

Fiber Node 4.5 blocks up the street is not a PFP correct?

Node has a power meter, ATT Fiber PFP is smaller box with no power meter. Then need fiber to be distributed in the coverage area by contractors. From planning to activate can be 2+ years, meaning all new fiber addresses in 2023 is likely already started construction or will soon while planning for 2024 is taking place. 

Summary 1 in 4 chance in next 3 years for fiber expansion to reach you, or 100% chance if relocate to where fiber is already available…. About 19+ million residential addresses within 21 state footprint OR 1/3 of current hardwired addresses.

Just my thoughts


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