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Mon, Jul 4, 2022 1:54 AM


Fiber internet installation

Good evening,

I am looking to figure out how I can connect with ATT for them to start servicing/installing  fiber connection within my area.

I am soon to retire from the U.S. Army, 4 combat tours and found the perfect house for when retirement hits. I live in Midland, GA on county line road, my house is exactly one mile from a road with fiber internet. 

ATT does service everything up to that road.

how can I reach out to someone to help with understanding the infrastructure update to get services here?

the cellphone reception is very low even when my phone says “5G”, I also requested/submit to ATT that I can lease part of my land for an Antenna.

What else can I do to get service/internet from you guys? A powerful and a company with money, installing services in small portion of the road where services are provided.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!


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First, a sincere thank you for all you've done for this country.  Wow, four tours.  👏

I wish I had some good news for you but the reality is that nobody in this primarily customer-to-customer forum has any insight into how or where AT&T decides to place fiber.  No public facing employees like the ATTHelp bunch here do either, in fact, my understanding is that it's a fairly small group that decides these things and they're not very good at sharing.

Even so, it's not like you can influence them to run it your direction, even if you were just a house or two away from where fiber ended (we see quite a few reports with that sort of situation).

If you look up some addresses between you and that road by going to www.att.com/availability and tell us what the highest speed packages are offered we might be able to give you some general info but I'm afraid the best we could do is tell you "maybe, some day" vs a "don't count on it".  Sounds like you're saying that there isn't any service in that last mile, which isn't very encouraging.

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New subdivision, existing subdivision, rural or semi rural?

Most fiber deployment is based on population and housing density, a 200 unit apartment / condo complex may allow for fiber to immediate neighbors. While 40 homes over a one mile road will not likely to receive residential fiber.

If have $100k to spend could order Dedicated Business Fiber, cost of installation plus about $1100 per month for internet 100/100 connection should take about 3 years to spend the $100k. Faster speeds available at higher monthly rates.

Or maybe consider moving to a location that already has fiber if that is a big selling point for you. There are currently 18 million addresses  with this option expanding at 3 million year. By 2026 50% of ATT hardwired footprint with 21 states will have direct fiber connection (30 million) and 50% will not (another 30 million). This does not consider the roughly 15 million addresses that will have no hardwired connection from ATT only cellular hotspot option.


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Closing thread. Attracting spam. 

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