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Tuesday, July 18th, 2023 12:24 AM

Fiber Installation Logistics Question

Fiber is hanging on the pole just outside of my house. It runs down the road past a bunch of long term residents on our road to a new subdivision with only about 20 houses. I was told by a technician that this line was a 844 cable line that could be split up to 32 houses per fiber. Right now this line only services these 20 or so house. A sub contractor for ATT was out burying conduit for fiber on our road last week. There are painted lines/directional arrows up the road until about 100 yards from my driveway. The contractor said that is where they are stopping. I need to speak with someone in logistics, engineering, etc about whether this overhead line can be tapped/spliced into and provide service for the 10 or so houses between the present stopping point and new subdivision. I have been in industrial engineering for 30 plus years and there is always a plan, (scope, schedule and budget), for every project so there is someone in the engineering dept who would be able to answer my question. No one in sales can ever answer the question. Please direct me to the people who can simply answer the availability question. Thanks in advance for your time, cooperation and consideration. 

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11 months ago

AT&T doesn’t share future services with the public

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11 months ago

Can the line be tapped for residential internet… no, not how it works. 
There is a main fiber line from the CO to a PFP, likely on edge of the new subdivision. Might have 50 lines of fiber for most being dark fiber. 

The PFP would house the splitter(s), GPON splitter would be 1:32 while XSGPON would be 1:64 .

From the PFP would be your spider web of fiber to provide for planned addresses with fiber terminals placed either on poles or in ground pedestals or hand holes. The smaller the PFP the fewer the max connections.

The largest PFP is a double door cabinet and would have max 864 possible generally seen by very large developments including multi story apartment/ condo complexes and 400+ housing developments. 

The more common is single door cabinet with max 432 connections or the still smaller PFP that might support  max 144 (12x12 grid). 

As you stated everything is planned / budget for 18 to 24 months before any address would be turned green for fiber.

Is it completely hopeless, no you could order ATT dedicated business fiber with monthly plans starting around $500 per month for internet 10/10 connection. This is a dedicated fiber line from the CO to your house, not shared, no splitter… has a SLA that residential service does not have. 

Unless you see fiber coming back down the pole with terminal placed, the new PFP will be to service the planned for addresses.

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