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Thu, Sep 9, 2021 7:28 PM

Fiber install cancelled 3 times for "facilities issues" now delayed a month

I just moved into a new home (new construction).  I was previously on ATT Fiber  and I called in to move my service to the new address on the first week of August. I was told that they needed to do a site survey because it was new construction. No problem, called back on the 13th I was told everything was ready to go and scheduled my install for August 21st My closing date was pushed so I pushed my install date back to August 31st.  

On august 31st, In Home Expert (lets just call him Joe, (not real name)) showed up his system showed my install was still on, Then Technician never showed up. I called "Joe" to see what was going on, and he told me that the install showed as cancelled on his system, but no reason was given. I get a call later that day from someone at ATT, saying that it was a facilities issue that would be resolved between the 3rd and the 7th. I called Joe again (Who by the way has been amazing, not only did get get me switched over to mobile the next day so i could use my phone as a hotspot, but has been trying to work with me with the local install people to get this resolved)  and he said ok lets set up an install for the 7th. 

September 7th, no tech again. I call Joe again and he said that it looked like it happened again. He called the local manager for the install and said all they needed was address verification, they expedited the order to see what happens and it shouldn't take more than a couple of days. we set up a new install for the 10th. That evening I get a call from ATT customer service again, and i was told sorry your install was cancelled, it was a "facilities issue" and it will be resolved by October 4th. I didn't worry too much since the local manager had said it should only be a couple of days.

So today (the 9th) I reach out to Joe to see if he can give me an update. and he just says... "Oh No, they did it again. It shows as cancelled again" 

So can anyone tell my WHY it is taking so long. What am I supposed to do if October 4th comes around and I get another call for "facilities issues". I work from home. I do data analytics, reporting and software development. I rely on the internet for my Job. 

My typical monthly usage (combined with regular home use/ streaming) is around 1 TB. I have worked for 4 days and have burned through 10 GB of data. That's only working with local data for reporting, and a couple of meetings. 1 1hr zoom meeting uses around 3gb. I am on the elite plan so I have 40 Gb total of tethering.  If I have 1 meeting every couple of days, I have enough data for around 12 more work days. there's 16 full days left of work before the 14th, not including the install day. 

I don't understand what's taking so long? I mean the site survey originally done show have caught anything that would interfere with my install, so why wasn't that flagged on my account? why is an issue that was supposed to be resolved in 4 days now going to take a month to resolve? I mean at this rate I'm probably better off switching to Xfiniti. 


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If you have to have internet to work. Get whatever is available now. A more knowledgeable person can discuss what facilities issues could be. 

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