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Friday, July 21st, 2023 11:00 PM

Fiber availability for north riverside , il 60546

Hi; i need to get a hold of your district office ,agent, rep or corp. for zip code north riverside il 60546 . i have been told at&t fiber available in my area but sales office or website gives no information. i spoke to my city they told me that the main fiber was al ready installed and was available on the south side of town. at&t ran out of money from 2022 budget. and would ontinue in july 2023 budget. at&t has not provided any additional info on completion of fiber in my area. i am not interested in dsl 75 that they offer that will not work. when should it be available ?

thanks gio merced

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4 months ago

AT&T won’t share that information 

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4 months ago

No information would be available, ATT has a budget to cover 100+ markets within 21 states.

For 2022 and 2023 that budget is $2 Billion per month or $24 Billion each year with $20 Billion scheduled for 2024.

As of end of 1st quarter 2023 ATT still planned to add 8 million more fiber addresses by end 2015 out of estimated 38 million on the hardwired footprint. That would be 30+ million addresses (50% of the 60+ million hardwired addresses)  to receive fiber over 10 year (2016-end 2025) build out.

Some areas (zip codes) will be over 80% fiber while other zip codes will possibly be less than 20%.

You will know within next 30 months if ATT has been planned and build out for your neighborhood. 
The stats say you have about 20% (8/38) chances but if currently have FTTN internet 75 option you’re likely closer to a 35-40% chance in my estimation. Those with internet 18 or less have the smaller probability.

I am hopefully ATT will announce a 3rd 5 year build out to cover 2026 to 2030 at rate of 2 million per year (adding another 10 million). If this occurs I expect all FTTN addresses, those with internet 25 to 100, will receive FTTP by end 2030.

Just my thoughts…


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