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Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 3:33 PM

Fiber 300 install issues

I have a problem with my Fiber 300 mbs service install that is going on now and I am hoping the is a way to resolve the issue.

Some history.   I have been a long ATT internet customer first with DSL the copper U-verse when it became available.   Recently ATT installed fiber in my neighborhood.   I have a Pace 5269AC modem.

Two days ago my copper line was broken somewhere outside of the house.   I called ATT.    They won't fix copper.    They will only do a new fiber service install.    That is somewhat understandable.

So I signed up for the fiber internet 300 package.    The customer service rep promised me that my Pace 5269AC would be replaced with a BWG320.    I received a letter from ATT stating the the Pace 5269AC is no longer being updated, so I specifically asked if I would get a new gateway.    I was promised a BGW320.   The rep said "you will get a BWG320" and "The tech will take the 5269AC".

Now that the tech is here doing the install he says BGW320's are not available.   I get an ONT and need to keep the 5269AC.

This is a problem for many reasons.   

I was promised a BGW320.    This is a newer device that has features that I want (wifi 6, etc)

The 5269AC is many years old and no longer supported.

The ONT requires a second power supply.   I would rather have one powered device than two.   This makes maintenance and battery backup easier.  I need battery backup.

I understand that once you have gateway and ONT installed, it will not be updated with something new.

At any rate, I am unhappy that I am not getting what I was promised.   I also unhappy that my copper service was broken and would not be fixed.    I would be happy keep copper and wait for the parts to be available for the fiber install that I wanted.

I is a path forward that will get me a BGW320 installed without an separate ONT?    I would be okay with a reinstall at a later date when the parts are available.   I want the newest gateway available with my new service as promised.

Thanks for any ideas


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2 months ago

Order takers may tell you what you want to hear but have no idea what will actually be available at time of installation.

My question is what ONT, the white Nokia 010 is GPON max internet 1000 availability while the black 020 is XGSPON with capacity of 2000 / 5000 internet.

I personally have always preferred separate ONT due to more indicators displaying status of service (Power, Pon, Alarm, Data) compared to a single light on the BGW 320. Also ease of having separation between where fiber is located and where may desire the gateway, think a bedroom or hall closet in MDU (apartment) but desire the gateway in a more central location for Wi-Fi coverage such as living room. 

The tech should be able to upgrade the 5268 to the BGW 210 which has the same features (other than coax) and still receiving software update. The wireless range of 320 is not significantly better, my opinion, of the 210.

In locations where fiber has been upgraded the copper repair or equipment is no longer an option. Example lighting strike damages the gateway but copper connection still good, the gateway will not be replaced without upgrading to fiber.

I do question if you have receivers on coax influenced the tech response for what equipment to be installed but equipment shortages in garage do occur especially near end of quarters. ATT stated goal of adding 1 million fiber accounts per year is average of 3200 fiber installations per day six days a week. The 1st quarter 2024 results have been announced by the company adding another 252,000 from Jan 1 to March 31 for now having more than 8.5 million on fiber and locations past have reached 27 million out of planned 30+ million by end 2025.

Getting a BGW 320 may be possible in near future with equipment sent to you, just requires unplug the Ethernet from RED port of current gateway into the RED port of the 320 keeping the external ONT in place. 


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2 months ago

Thanks for the ideas.   The Tech did swap out my gateway for a BGW210 on request.   They were the truck.   The setup is working.   Better than U-Verse.  

No coax connection to the 5268AC.   Internet and plain old telephone provision only.

A small note, I did not ask the ATT costumer service Rep for a specific Gateway.    I did mention that I got the letter from ATT saying that the 5268AC is not longer support.    When I asked about that the Rep told me I would be getting the BGW320.

The inconvenient issue for me now is that I have two boxes with two propriety connection power bricks.   I would like to come up with a backup solution.     I do like the idea of one box vs two.

I hoping the industry will start using USB-C for power supplies to reduce waste and make it more convenient   for customers.


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2 months ago

If the tech doesn't have a BGW320 then he cannot possibly give you one as he's not equipped to make them appear.  And I would agree, once you get installed with an ONT, upgrading to BGW320 will be difficult... unless you upgrade to 2 or 5 Gbps service, which requires the BGW320 (you could then downgrade later...).

Do you have U-verse TV?  Do you use the coax port on your 5268AC?

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