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Thursday, May 7th, 2020 5:12 PM

Facilities Issue - Tech Confirmed That Isn't True

I have been trying to get Fiber installed in my townhome for about 15 months now. It has been a long, frustrating, and exhausting experience and I find myself today looking at other providers to cancel the last of my AT&T services.

We live in a townhome and there are 7 units in our building. It is on one lot (this used to be a single family home) - not a large development or condo building. About 5-6 of the other units already have fiber installed, but for whatever reason it has been a nightmare to get it set up in my specific unit. Since we moved in in January 2019, the AT&T website has showed that Fiber is not available at our address. However, several of the other unit owners who have since had Fiber installed had the same issue and simply had to have an address validation submitted. I did that a few times over the last year and simply never heard back from AT&T on any resolution (or lack thereof). Just radio silence.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I was talking to one of the few unit owners who also did not have Fiber but were also AT&T customers like myself (Internet 25). I told him that we should be able to get fiber, and he called in, got his address validated and had his service installed - all in about 3 days! I was baffled. I went outside when the technician was installing his fiber lines and talked with him. I asked him if he could see any reason why I shouldn't/wouldn't be able to get fiber in my unit (just two doors down from the unit he was installing, about 15 yards). He explained that, no, there are not any issues with my unit or the fiber ports - there are still 4-5 open ones on the pole, my unit is not too far away, I have a pre-dug conduit already in place, etc. and that I should be able to easily get my address/unit number validated to get fiber like all the other units in my very same building.

I went in and submitted a new order as a "new" customer by logging out of my My AT&T account, and I was surprised to see that it immediately said Fiber was available at my auto-pulled address. The appointment was scheduled and I thought I was set. The technician arrived on installation day and he said he was unable to install it because the order did not pull my unit number through - simply the street address for our lot with all 7 units on it. If he installed it without my unit number on the order, it would cause problems for everyone else. I then asked him again if he could see any issues with my specific unit that would lead to me never being able to get fiber, and he again confirmed that it is easily doable and he would just need the order to be corrected. He then submitted an internal request to engineering to verify/validate the address. I didn't hear back.

I finally called customer support again earlier this week and had the most helpful agent and manager I have ever spoken with (Maria & Robert). They listened to my saga, understood the issue and submitted yet another internal ticket to engineering. When I spoke to the manager (Robert) he said that it showed in his system that I should be eligible and that it is available, and that he simply needed engineering to input my unit number on their end to confirm. He called me back each day for 2-3 consecutive days to update me, finally confirming yesterday that it was successfully added and I could finally submit a service upgrade request in my existing AT&T internet account for Fiber. I went in and, sure enough, it showed fiber was available! I was able to submit the order, include my unit number, and schedule the installation for tomorrow.

This morning comes around and I receive a call from AT&T saying that the appointment will be delayed/canceled due to a facilities issue. She said the notes said that "there was no ECD" or something to that effect and she didn't even know what that meant. Like many others on here, she wasn't able to give any details and simply said "they'll be calling you" when there's a resolution. Based on my long and frustrating history trying to get this very simply item resolved, I have no faith that I'll ever receive a call or update.

The frustrating part about the facility issue is that there are two technicians who have stood at my unit and showed me where the fiber terminals are and confirmed that there should be no issues with this. I've watched all of my neighbors, in the exact same building on the exact same lot, have their addresses validated, have technicians out and have fiber installed, with no major issues like this. For whatever reason, the engineering team can't be bothered to focus on my issue long enough or look at these other units on the same property (again, a single lot - not a multi-block building with tons of units) to see that there is no issue. I have personally stood at the base of the telephone pole as an AT&T technician pointed to the fiber ports showing me how many were still not used. There was formerly one pole that had two ports on it, but a year or more ago AT&T came out and put up another pole about 15 yards away with many ports, several of which are being used for the other units in my building now, so those technicians know without a doubt that those ports can be used for my unit.

I'm at a loss with the lack of follow up and 15-month struggle this has been. Not that it's relevant, but my dad worked for AT&T for literally his entire career and we have long been an AT&T-loyal family. This whole thing has led me to the point where I'm ready to end that and look elsewhere just to find a solution. If anyone can take my case and look a little more into it for longer than one phone call to see this through, I'd be endlessly appreciative.

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