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Wed, Mar 2, 2022 7:27 PM

Extending Fiber Internet Service to my house


Can anyone tell me who to contact, or how to go about submitting a request, regarding a fiber build-out?  I used the ATT availability webpage to determine that there is Fiber internet on my road 1.4mi away to the west, and 0.5mi to the east.  Of course there is a 2mi gap in service....  I would love to upgrade to fiber internet instead of cable or DSL, but cannot do so until the network is extended....  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!

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Besides moving to where the fiber is currently available, generally the easiest and definitely the faster method to obtain ATT residential fiber service.

You wait for an IF / WHEN moment as ATT continues their fiber expansion at 3 million location within 21 state each year till end 2025. Start of 2026 50% (30 million) will have direct fiber within hardwired footprint, the other half will not. 

Some questions can ask yourself,

…are you currently part of a development or rural to semi-rural?

… does ATT currently offer hardwired internet to the address?

… if yes, is the best speed available between 25 to 100 (VDSL FTTN) or 18 or less (ADSL2+)?

The locations most likely to receive ATT residential fiber is GREENFIELD (new construction developments of apartments, condo, single family) AND FTTN BROWNFIELD locations. 

I would estimate FTTN upgrades will be about 2 million per year with about 22 million existing will likely see 8 million of 22 million upgraded over next (4) years. 

Conclusion…. Best option is relocation to either GREENFIELD area receiving fiber or a Brownfield area that has already been upgraded. FYI at start of 2016, the year major fiber expansion began there was 33 million FTTN locations, over past 6 years 18 million addresses have received fiber with 11 million being FTTN locations. The other 7 million was new construction or ADSL2+….


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4 m ago

That's a very long distance for the closest fiber to you.  I have it 300 feet from me and can't get it in one section of a neighborhood where the other sections have had it for a year.  Mentally set expectation for yourself 3-5 years minimum before they get out to you and then you won't be disappointed LOL.

Also - to my thoughts comments on FTTN high likely of expansion - so far in my experience that doesn't seem to be the deciding factor for sure.  We all have FTTN in my entire area 50-100mbps vdsl, but then just skipped right over my section.  The VSAMs are all sitting right next to each other.


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