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Sun, Mar 6, 2022 12:31 AM

Delay of installation due to Network Issue with no contact

Hello! We recently moved into a new house and we transferred our existing Fiber Service. The website said it was available but upon install the tech said there was an outside facility issue. He said he escalated the issue and it would be done in 72 hours. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything and we are still continuing to be billed for service not available to us. We also both work from home and might have to switch providers if we don’t have any timeframe. Would there be any way to get more clarity or an ETA to our issue instead of waiting? Thanks kindly!
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No… if you can get cable service installed sooner… may be the right thing to do.

Additional if both incomes are dependent on internet connection your going to want a redundant system in place such as cable, hotspot, satellite, etc. 

ATT residential internet is considered entertainment not business service thus could have multiple days (3-7) without service if needing a repair.

Again if income is depending on internet will want (2) separate providers so if either has an issue you have the ability to continue to work. Some will use their phones as hotspot others purchase separate service. 

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